Successful Cases

SUCCESSION - January 2024

In January 2024 one of our previous client (we did her divorce and custody for her a couple of years ago) came to us because her mother had died and they needed to do the succession. We filed the Detailed Descriptive List along with the Petition for Possession and the Judgment of Possession was signed by the Judge. We then filed the Judgment in the conveyance records.

PATERNITY - December 2023

In December 2023 our client came in and wanted to have his name removed from the birth certificate. His ex-wife was pregnant at the time of the filing of the divorce and had the baby by after the divorce was final, his name still was on the birth certificate, due to Louisiana law. We had the biological father do an acknowledgement of paternity, my client did a Disavowal of Paternity and received a Judgment of Disavowal with the court. The mother was then able to file with the Bureau of Vital Statistics to get a new birth certificate with the baby's biological father listed on it.

CRIMINAL - August 2023

In August 2023 our client came to us with charges of felony theft. We successfully got her into the pre-trial intervention program at the District Attorney's office. Once she successfully completes the program, her charges will be dismissed.

CUSTODY - September 2023

In September 2023 our client came in to file an emergency order for custody of his children. The current judgment had him with the children three weekends every month. Due to the conditions concerning the minor children, got domiciliary of one child and the mother had domiciliary of the other child. This was a very unusual case and it is not suggested that this be done on a regular basis. However, this was a special circumstance. It was suggested by the counselor who was seeing the minor children.


In May 2023, Our client came to us to handle the community property from the divorce. They had been divorced for over ten years and had never taken care of it. We successfully had the ex-husband sign the quit-claim deed signing over the house to her as she had been living in it the entire time. The only other community property they had were the cars they owned and each of them had already sold those cars and purchased new ones.

DIVORCE - May 2022

In May 2022 our client came to us for a divorce. They had no children. We filed the petition for divorce and did a judgment on the separation of their community property. After the requisite amount of time, we filed a Rule to finalize the divorce. We appeared in court to finalize the divorce.

SUCCESSION - August 2022

In August 2022 our client came to us to do the succession of her brother who died intestate. Even though he had been married twice, he was also divorced twice and he had no children. We filed a Detailed Descriptive List along with the Petition for Possession and got a Judgment of Possession signed by the judge.

NAME CHANGE - May 2022

In May 2022 our client came to us to have her daughter's name changed. She had recently gotten a divorce from her husband, who had adopted her child. Her now ex-husband did not want anything to do with this child. Therefore, we filed the paperwork to change the child's name. We successfully got the Judgment on the name change. The mom then had to submit everything to the Bureau of Vital Statistics to get a new birth certificate issued.

CUSTODY - July 2021

In July 2021 a teenage girl decided the grass was greener on the other side and wanted to live with her father. Her father had no rules and just remarried a younger woman. The younger woman treated the teenage girl as a "friend" rather than a child. Therefore, the mother did not want the child to be living at her father's. We went to trial and the judge kept the child at the mother's home and had her seeing her father three weekends a month. In the summer he had the parents do a week to week. The father did not like this and decided to appeal it. The 1st Circuit agreed with the trial judge.

CUSTODY - March 2021

Our client came in because she and her ex-boyfriend did not have a custody agreement on their minor children. We filed a Motion for Custody to be Set; and now they know exactly which parent should have the minor children on holidays, birthdays, summer vacation, etc. We always try to put something in the written judgments so that in odd years one parent will have the minor children on certain holidays and even years for other holidays.


Our client came in wanting an intrafamily adoption (a step-parent wanting to become the legal father). After a hearing on the termination of the legal father's rights, the judge terminated his parental rights, clearing the way for our client to adopt the minor child and have a new birth certificate issued with the child's new name.

DIVORCE - March 2021

Our client came in because his spouse was committing adultery and he wanted a divorce. We filed a petition for divorce based upon the adultery, and after a hearing proving the adultery, he was divorced.

SUCCESSION - February 2021

Many of our clients come in because of a death of a loved one. Because I lost my husband several years ago, she can empathize with a person having to do a succession. Our client came in crying because she had just lost her husband and she could not get access to any of the bank accounts. We quickly got a judgment of possession for our client so that she could access the bank accounts and sell the vehicle that her husband drove. Plus, once she was ready to sell her house, she was able to do that. Successions always need to be done for a person to sell their home.


Our client came in because his ex-wife got a protective order against him claiming sexual molestation. After several polygraphs, investigations by DCFS, investigations by Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office, it was determined that it was NOT true. He had previously been awarded custody of their minor children every other weekend. Now, he has shared custody on a weekly basis (she gets them for a week and he gets them for a week).

CUSTODY - December 2020

Our client had come in because she had gotten clean and sober for the last two years and wanted to change the custody agreement. Previously, she only got to see the children when her ex-husband allowed her to, and then he had to supervise the visit. After a trial, she received unsupervised custody of the minor children every other weekend. Judges understand that while parents may get hooked on drugs, once they get clean, they should have unsupervised custodial privileges.

DIVORCE - March 2020

Our client came in to get a divorce and custody. After the required amount of time (one year because the parties had a child under the age of eighteen), we had the court confirm a divorce. During that period, we also successfully had the parties establish a custodial agreement.

CUSTODY - March 2020

Our client came in because the "baby mama" was not allowing him to see the minor child. After several attempts to get her served, we finally got service. We had a paternity test done to determine that he was the biological father. Then after going to court, he now has three weekends a month with his child, plus holidays are set out for him.

CUSTODY - July 2019

Our client came in because he was not able to see the child except whenever the mother would let him. After a hearing on the matter, our client became the domiciliary parent and the mother saw her child every other weekend.


Our client came in to get a divorce from her husband. After the required amount of time they were separated (six months since they did not have any children under the age of 18), we had the court confirm a divorce. We then worked on the community property settlement which was successfully mediated.

CUSTODY - July 2017

Our client was a grandmother who came in to see us because the child's parents were both drug addicts. In the end, she got sole custody of the minor child and both parents received supervised visits with their child.

**We also do many, many divorces where there are no children or community property. These divorces are usually very easy and both parties agree to the divorce. These can be done fairly quickly and amicably. We do the same for custody on minor children. Both parties agree on how they should have their physical custody with the minor children. Therefore, we prepare the motions and judgments for the courts.

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